What a Daily Shock this is! According to realestate.aol.com, Dutch architectural firm MVRDV have a lot to answer for when it comes to their design of the “Cloud” high-rise buildings. The buildings, which are two towers that look very similar to New York City’s Twin Towers, are connected by a “cloud”, a “pixelated”-looking structure that makes the whole architectural project look eerily like the Twin Towers with smoke billowing from it.

Because the image of the high-rises’ mockup has shocked everyone affected by 9/11, MVRDV have put out a statement on their Facebook page. “MVRDV regrets deeply any connotations The Cloud evokes regarding 9/11; it was not our intention,” the firm wrote.

MVRDV rightly call the mass amounts of angry calls and emails they have received “[a] real media storm.” Some comments making up that storm include Jim Riches, a former deputy chief in the NYC Fire Department who lost his son on 9/11. “I think it’s a total lie, and they have no respect for the people who died that day,” he told The Daily News.

The high-rises are supposed to be completed in 2015–hopefully before then, the firm will have changed their design.

You can read more about this story–and see the truly frightening picture–at realestate.aol.com.

Korean Twin Towers

By Monique Jones

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