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ShockYa's Holiday Gift Guide 2011


ShockYa's Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Running low on ideas of what to give your friends and family for the holidays? Take a look at this holiday gift guide, which has gifts that run the gamut, from gifts for people who love movies to gifts for those who love royalty to gifts for those who love sprucing up their homes.

1. Giorgio Brutini shoes: “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” not only features cool stunts and an all-star cast, but it also features some very stylish footwear, courtesy of Giorgio Brutini. The styles slated to appear in the film include the plain-toe six inch boot with calf leather, the dress tassel slip-on and the leather 2 eyelet oxford with crepe-like wrappes sole.
Where to buy:
Cost: $60-$65

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Shoes

2. Omni Beanbag Chair: This gift is for the person who seems to have everything and you don’t know what they could possibly ask for. This beanbag chair comes in 10 colors and you can also configure the chair into 10 different positions, something you can’t say about the beanbag chair from your childhood. Also innovative is the space age rip-proof nylon and the Sumo beads that fill the chair.
Where to buy:
Cost: $139.00

Omni Beanbag Chair Sumo

Omni Beanbag Chair Sumo

3. Snapi Kitchen Server: If you have a family member or friend who loves to cook and entertain, the Snapi Kitchen Server might be the gift for them. The Snapi, developed by KitchenHappy, is a single-hand server that is shaped like a large clam shell that has an open/close mechanism that makes it easy to serve food with one hand. The item is also made in America, so you’ll be supporting America’s job industry. The Snapi comes in Kiwi (green), Ice (white), Watermelon (Red), and Berry (blue).
Where to buy:
Cost: $6.95

Snapi Kitchen Server

4. Stickr pockets: If you like having things surrounding you while you work, don’t have them clutter your desk space–put them on the wall! stickr pockets, by BUTCH & harold are large decorative stickers that adhere to the wall and come complete with pockets so you can stuff your notes, pictures, tickets and other paper mementos inside. The adhesive vinyl the stickr pockets are made from are removable and resuable. Each stickr pocket kit includes three 10.5″x”10.5″ pockets, three nameplates and a dry erase marker for decorating. This product is made in the U.S.
Where to buy:
Cost: $14.95

Stickr Pockets

5. “Leonard Maltin’s 2012 Movie Guide”: As you probably read about in the interview with Maltin, his movie guide is chock full of new information on all of your favorite movies, including the addition of more than 300 new entries. This is a must-have for all movie fans.
Where to buy: in all major bookstores
Cost: $9.99

Leonard Maltin's 2012 Movie Guide

6. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring-inspired stud earrings: If you’ve got a female family or friend who’s a royal-watcher, you might want to give them these earrings based on Kate Middleton’s (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) engagement ring given to her by Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge.
Where to buy: The Bradford Exchange

Kate Middleton engagement ring-inspired stud earrings

7. Harry Potter’s wand: If you have huge Harry Potter fans in your family, you might want to consider getting the ultimate gift; the same wand Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) uses to cast spells, the Holly Wand. The replica of the wand comes expertly packaged and a card full of info about the wand.
Where to buy:Alivan’s
Cost: $38.00

Harry Potter Wand

8. Stay Puft marshmallows: Some might think it odd to give someone a bag of marshmallows for the holidays, but if your giving a bag of Stay Puft marshmallows to someone who is obsessed with “Ghostbusters,” they’ll think you are the best person ever. These gourmet marshmallows will add a ghostly flair to any cup of hot cocoa or s’more.
Where to buy: Amazon
Cost: $14.99

Stay Puft marshmallows

9. Red Ryder BB Gun: If you want to own the famous BB gun that could possibly poke your eye out, it’s now just within reach. The “Daisy” model of the 1938 gun now comes with a silver medallion to celebrate Red Ryder’s 125th anniversary.
Where to buy: (A Christmas Story House Gift Shop)
Cost: $49.99

Red Ryder BB Gun

10. Wonka bars: Another movie-related food gift, but just like the Stay Puft Marshmallows, it’s an awesome movie-related food gift. Even though Wonka candy exists, particularly Wonka chocolate bars, the original Wonka bars are nowhere to be found, in the stores, that is. Online is a world where, to paraphrase “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”‘s Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) himself, “dreams become realities and realities become dreams.” The internet is the only place where you can buy a case of 18 Wonka bars with the click of a mouse.
Where to buy: Dylan’s Candy Bar
Cost: $65.00

Wonka bars

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