Warner Bros. is once again considering filming a second sequel to the popular 1984 horror comedy ‘Gremlins,’ Latino Review is reporting. The studio has reactivated the domain for ‘Gremlins 3,’ which it initially launched in 2009, in anticipation of moving forward with the film. However, Warner Bros. hasn’t officially green lit the second follow-up or hired a writer to pen the script.

Joe Dante, who directed the first two ‘Gremlins’ movies, has said he’s constantly being asked why the second sequel is continuously being stalled. “That’s because those films were such products of the technology at the time,” the helmer said. “The movie was more limited and created by technology. They were puppets.”

Dante also said the storylines for the first ‘Gremlins’ were based on what could be done with the creatures. “Now, of course, anything is possible but it becomes a little more difficult to hone it on what your storyline would be. First off all, I won’t be asked,” the director said. He added that he wouldn’t bring back the original cast because it’s been too long-“the kids now would be familiar with the title, and familiar with Gizmo and Stripe, but as far as the actual (live action) characters and story, they don’t know them, it.”

Written by: Karen Benardello

Gremlins 3

By Karen Benardello

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