Title: Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

Directed by: Andrew Cymek

Starring: William B. Davis, Brigitte Kingsley, Andrew Cymek and John Rhys-Davies

Running time: 111 min, Unrated

The Wolf is a known serial killer of 15 young girls in the “Red Riding Hood” murders. He always leaves behind his signature, “Are You the Woodcutter?” Detective Johnny Morgan was witness to his own sister’s murder by the Wolf when he was a young boy, and he is determined to see justice for her death is carried out. When the Wolf is finally captured and is institutionalized, Johnny and his partner make a Christmas eve visit to the maximum security facility where his former fiance works as a mental health practitioner. Suddenly a massive power outage causes all the patients cell doors to unlock, and the criminally insane patients run amok in the asylum with staff and visitors trapped inside.

I took a long time mustering up the will to watch this film because the story was a little tired. The title character is named “Johnny” and his ex girlfriend is a psychiatrist at the very hospital his sister killer is being held? It’s all so convenient. Andrew Cymek wrote, directs and stars as Johnny, and he casted his wife Brigitte Kingsley as the psychiatrist/ex-fiancee, while her acting wasn’t terrible, she wasn’t great casting as a doctor. She’s too gorgeous and busty, and the short skirt with black go-go boots she had to wear in the film weren’t right for someone who works in an asylum. The insane would’ve torn her up from the beginning.

Kudos to the casting would have to go to whomever found Kristina Miller as the little girl Sabrina and Sandi Ross as Mabel the Cannibal. I’m not one to compliment child actors because more often than not, they’re over the top, dry or too cute. Sandi Ross’ reaction to a character vomiting got the biggest laugh from me.

The best thing I can compliment on the film is the Wolf costume. The metal armor with a working wolf jaw helmet so it can bite limbs off the victims was so cool. The only thing I didn’t like about the costume is that the killer could’ve been using it all along to kill other people, not just wasting it on little girls. Little girls can’t appreciate that kind of craftsmanship. He should’ve been proud of that costume and wear it more often.

The special features include a commentary by Andrew Cymek., who maybe should look up some definitions of adages before incorporating them into his narration, because while I knew what he was trying to say, they didn’t really apply.  Also there were deleted and extended scenes.

This film was not bad for a million dollar budget, but I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way to seek it out.

Total Rating: D

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Midnight Raw Night of the Wolf

One thought on “DVD Review: Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf”
  1. Saw this movie & I mostly agree with your review. The acting is very bad though. A million dollar budget? Someone lost money here.

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