There are tons of fans who would love to be on the set of “The Hunger Games,” but a lucky few won the chance to actually visit the filming of the movie. According to MTV, the fans won a sweepstakes that allowed them to walk on the set of the movie, and MTV was able to get the scoop on what the fans saw during their visit.

One winner, Alexander Swenson from the U.S., said that he wasn’t just amazed at the set. “I was stunned,” he told MTV. “It was remarkable how something I read several months earlier on paper could be translated into reality.” He went on to talk about how the actors and director Gary Ross, were nice to the sweepstakes winners. “A majority of the cast stayed around with us when they weren’t filming and made sure to point out all the cool stuff that they’ve become accustomed to,” he said. “I feel like I know almost every nook and cranny of the Training Center thanks to them! They made us feel like an honorary member of the cast for the day.”

You can read more of what Swenson and the other winners had to say at MTV.

Hunger Games Fan Set Visit

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By Monique Jones

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