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Dexter Might Come To A Theater Near You


Dexter Might Come To A Theater Near You

“Dexter,” the popular show about a mentally-disturbed serial killer, has a large, rabid fanbase and much critical praise. According to Slash Film, it would seem as if all of that love might translate into a film.

According to the site, the Showtime property has not only been renewed for two more seasons, but might have a movie. Even though the eight season has been hinted at being the last ever, executive producer Manny Coto has stated that the show isn’t really looking at ending right now, and that a movie might be the next thing.

“We’re not really looking at an end game right now,” he said to TV Guide. “In a way, it’s almost like every season is a form of an end game. This season could’ve been an end to ‘Dexter,’ setting it up for the movies, for example. So every season kind of comes to it’s own conclusion and can be a sort of end game.”

However, Coto made sure to add that he was “just speculating” about a possible movie. “I’ve heard nothing about it. I’m actually just projecting from my own experience on ’24,’ where at the end we weren’t going to kill Jack Bauer. We were going to leave him open because down the road there might be a movie. And sure enough, there’s a movie coming.”

What do you think about a “Dexter” movie? Would a movie just be too much? Give your opinions below.

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  1. Fred

    January 19, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    The problem with a movie is obvious.  Doing a movie after the series ends guarantees that Dexter is alive at the end of the series.  Guaranteeing that Dexter is alive kills any suspense for the last two seasons of the show.

  2. Nwoode1

    April 10, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    If a movie is done, it has to be done before the series is complete, that way, we can still have the suspense of Dexter living or dying in the finale.

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