The recipe to make a successful party song doesn’t consist of a laundry list of ingredients. You should take a listen to LMFAO’s slew of hit singles to understand the simplicity of it. Despite the few track requirements, there are handfuls of party tunes that fail to accomplish the dapper duo’s mastery. Whether it be an unimpressive hook, unmemorable beats or choppy verses, these lackluster tracks are far from contagious. LMFAO triumphed over the competition in 2011, but Far East Movement may surpass the party kings in 2012 with their new single, “Jello”, featuring Rye Rye.

The Los Angeles electro-hip hop group just released the official music video for “Jello”. Directed by Matt Alonzo, the video features the outfit crashing a political event with Tiger Woods, Oprah and others. “Jello” is off Far East Movement’s forthcoming album, “Dirty Bass”, which will drop later this year via Cherrytree/Interscope.

Aspiring party rock gods, you should take note of Far East Movement’s technique. Catchy tunes contain words that are not expected to be in a song and that you may feel a bit awkward singing at first. Did you ever think you would be humming the word, “Jello”? Well, after a play or two of the group’s single, you will be wondering why no one thought to use the brand name before. Come on artists, Jell-O practically pushed the term on you with their slogan, “There’s always room for Jell-O.”

by Lonnie Nemiroff

far east movement jello

By lonnie

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