Christian Bale has been giving a lot of interviews about his latest film, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Recently, according to, Bale had an interview with Style Magazine about his career, the acting profession and his relationship to his friend, Heath Ledger, who also starred opposite him as the Joker in “The Dark Knight.”

“Heath was a really lovely person,” he said. ‘[H]e loved his daughter dearly and spent his life seeking answers. He was nothing to do with the commotion that broke out after his death. Nobody ever really is a cartoon superhero, even although superheroes are all the rage today.”

Bale also said that for him, Batman is an intense superhero. “For me, he is an anarchist and a free spirit,” he said. “He knows that there are parallels between him and his enemies because life is never stable–you always have to fight for it. Keeping in mind that it may never be boring and that nobody is obliging you to behave like a superhero and to always have your muscles flexed and bulging.”

You can read the full interview at Style Magazine.

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Written by: Monique Jones

Heath Ledger Jumps Christian Bale

By Monique Jones

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