Mitt Romney has admitted that he’s not very concerned about America’s very poor, Politico is reporting. While speaking with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien after winning the Florida primary, he said he will instead focus on the middle class, and not the poor.

“I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” the presidential hopeful said. “I’m not concerned about the very poor-we have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich-they’re doing just fine.” Romney added that he’s worried about the heart of America, the 90-95 percent who are struggling.

When O’Brien asked Romney to clarify his statement that he’s not concerned with the very poor, he said his campaign is focused on middle income Americans. “My campaign-you can choose where to focus. You can focus on the rich. That’s not my focus. You can focus on the very poor. That’s not my focus,” Romney added.

Romney also said that he’s open to discussing whether the poor’s safety net, including food stamps, Medicaid and housing vouchers, needs to be strengthened or fixed. He added the middle class “are the people that have been most badly hurt during the Obama years.”

Written by: Karen Benrdello

Mitt Romney

By Karen Benardello

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