Hart D. Fisher, host and CEO of FilmOn‘s new horror channel American Horrors, has announced that the channel will be streaming for free thanks to FilmOn founder Alki David’s new free FilmOn app.

Fisher said, “It’s tough times out there for a lot of people.” “Now anyone with an iPhone, iPad or an Android can download the FilmOn Free App and watch American Horrors for free, my Valentine’s to the world for February!”

Fisher also went on to explain what the channel will offer viewers starting Valentine’s Day. “We’re the best new 24 hour uncut horror channel in the world and I aim to prove it,” said Fisher. “On Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day, we will be premiering our original television series, ‘Burl Barer & Don Woldman’s True Crimes’ and the pilot for ‘Steve Johnson’s Rubber Rules,’ plus we’ll have the world premiere of ‘Deep Seeded,’ a truly demented film starring death metal legend Kam Lee. Download the FilmOn App and you can start watching right now.”

According to the press release, American Horrors is the “best new uncut 24 hour horror channel in the world.” The channel is streaming alongside industry brand names such as BBC News, Universal Sports, Reelz Movie Channels and more as part of FilmOn’s basic line up of channels that are available to subscribers anywhere in the world. FilmOn allows viewers to stream live TV on their Mac or PC computers, iPads/tablets, smart phones & mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) FilmOn has also just recently launched the world’s first Associated Press breaking 24 hour news channel. American Horrors can be purchased on its own for $1.95 a month.

American Horrors includes exclusive Danzig videos every Sunday for American Horrors’ Satanic Sunday line up as well as envelope-pushing shorts like “This Side of Nightmare”, “The Ninth Circle”, “Freaktard”, “Kiss Your Ass Good Bye”, Zach Green & Richard Powell’s “Worm”, Owen Mulligan’s “Night of the Vampire”, “The Horror of Our Love”, Peter Podgursky’s “The Night Caller”, Rory Abel’s “Apathy Breeds Contempt.” You can also watch American Horrors originals like Kenneth J. Hall’s 50th birthday party, The making of Hollow, and more amazing indie series like movie review show “Fright Asylum”, award winning zombie series “8.13”! Learn more at americanhorrors.com

American Horrors

By Monique Jones

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