Activision released the Rhino reveal trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” coming June 26, 2012 to Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Game Description: The web-crawler returns in this Spider-Man adventure based on the Amazing Spider-Man motion picture. Created as an epilogue story occurring entirely after the events of the movie, the game features the return of free-roaming web-slinging all over the city and evolutionary improvements to navigation and combat, as the newly anointed Spider-Man is plunged into an all-new storyline charged with protecting Manhattan from a variety of criminals.

Using the game’s new Web Rush mechanic, players can pull off a vast array of moves never before possible. With a story that takes players through many areas all over (and under) Manhattan, fans will feel what it’s truly like to be a Super Hero, as they experience the cinematic adrenaline rush of web-swinging through the city and fighting crime using Spider-Man’s spectacular acrobatic moves and attacks.

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By Brent Butler

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man

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