Found-footage film “Project X” is not hitting it off with critics, but has thoroughly entertained audiences.

The critical reaction, according to Rotten Tomatoes, was very negative; the critics gave the film a 28%. However, audiences gave the film a 73%. The general critical consensus is, “Unoriginal, unfunny, and all-around unattractive, ‘Project X’ mines the depths of the teen movie and found-footage genres for 87 minutes of predictably mean-spirited debauchery.”

Here’s what some of the critics wrote:

“This is a film desperately in need of a McLovin. Also jokes would help. And comedic chemistry between the actors. And an ending that isn’t a bolted-on cop-out. Save yourselves.”–Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

‘Project X’ bears a cravenly piggish attitude toward rewarding socially unacceptable behavior that feels unseemly rather than exciting, so-what rather than so-funny and obvious instead of new.”–Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

“Most teen flicks just fake being fueled by anarchy. But the gut-bustingly funny ‘Project X’ is the real deal. It’s raunchy, reckless and ready to party. What’s not to like? Unless you’re one of those stickers for form and content. Then go watch this year’s Oscar nominees.”–Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

What do you think of the film? Do you agree with Travers, or do you agree with the majority of critics who aren’t keen on the film’s crazy antics? Give your opinions below the post.

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By Monique Jones

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