David Gyasi talked with DIY about his latest acting projects, which include BBC2’s “White Heat,” “Red Tails,” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

His story of auditioning for “The Dark Knight Rises” is exceptional. “I was in the States doing pilot season last year, and this audition came up, with this amazing monologue that I was sent,” he said. “I had to put myself on tape, and I learnt it, worked on it for days and nights and went in there and performed it for this casting director. He was like, dude, I would like you to come back and read for Christopher Nolan. I said yes I can.”

He said he didn’t hear anything back for three months, but when he did, he said getting a role in “The Dark Knight Rises” was reaffirming to him. “I got told by my American manager and my agent over here [the U.K.] they want to use you on ‘The Dark Knight [Rises].’ 24 hours before, I went on a…walk with my son, then three, and was just thinking, what is the best way for me to provide for my family? Because we’d come through a tight period, and I was wondering if I could continue acting…So to get that call was a such a godsend, and such as sign.”

You can read the full article at DIY.

David Gyasi dark knight rises

By Monique Jones

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