Uwe Boll has completed his segment for the extreme horror anthology The Profane Exhibit for Harbinger International Films. The anthology, which was produced by David Bond and Manda Manuel, features 13 international short films. The Profane Exhibit also features such directors as Richard Stanley, Marian Dora, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Sergio Stivaletti, Ryan Nicholson, Michael Todd Schneider and Andrey Iskanov. Boll’s contribution, ‘Basement,’ stars Caroline Williams, Tara Cardinal and Clint Howard.

After attending the shoot, the General Counselor of Harbinger, David L. Tamarin, expressed his concern about Boll’s material. He said it might be too strong for mass consumption. ‘Basement’ “is about evil that is absolutely real. There are no zombies, and the only monster is of the human variety. The film takes you to a very dark place. Viewers need to prepare themselves for this one,” Tamarin said.

‘Basement’ chronicles the corruption of a family in a world where things are not always what they seem. Monsters are really family men, and home for many is hell. In a seemingly ideal suburban home, a horrible secret exists in the basement. Howard and Williams play an otherwise ordinary married couple, who lock their starving and abused daughter in the basement, which she hasn’t left in years. The short, which is based on real events, follows the daughter, portrayed by Cardinal, who wants to go outside, but must instead face daily cruelties.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Uwe Boll 1

Uwe Boll 2

By Karen Benardello

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