The University of Pittsburgh clinic gunman has yet to be identified, as the medical examiner’s office said he wasn’t carrying identification and his fingerprints weren’t in the nationwide police and federal databases, the Houston Chronicle is reporting. City police are still trying to figure out what motivated the gunman in yesterday’s shooting, during which he shot seven people with two pistols.

The Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, where the shooting occurred, is currently open, but with police and extra security checking employee and visitors’ identification. The gunman walked into the clinic’s lobby armed with two semi-automatic handguns shortly before 1 pm, and began shooting. University and Pittsburgh City police on the scene shot back, and the gunman was one of two people killed during the shooting.

Seven adults were wounded as well, and five of them are being treated at UPMC Presbyterian. Two of the victims are currently in intensive care, Dr. Donald Yeay, the chief of emergency medicine, said. All of the victims are expected to live, and two have already been released. At least five of the victims are Western Psychiatric employees, and one is believed to have been a visitor.

UPMC released a statement following the shooting, saying it will review all security procedures in the coming days. None of its 289 patients were evacuated during the shooting.

Written by: Karen Benardello

University of Pittsburgh

By Karen Benardello

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