Weirdly enough, one thing I haven’t worried about or pondered over is the actual ending of “The Dark Knight Rises.” I suppose because I’ve been more preoccupied with covering the film than thinking about what my viewing experience will be like. I also haven’t worried about it since I have complete faith in Christopher Nolan and the team–they haven’t let me down yet when it comes to fantastic action films, so I’m sure being thrilled while watching “The Dark Knight Rises” will be no different.

However, if you are wondering what the end of the film might be, especially since this is the last film of the entire Nolan-verse “Batman” trilogy, then website Unleash the Fanboy has some theories.

One of the more interesting theories is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character becoming the next Batman. I suppose it could happen if JGL’s character is like the Robin/Nightwing of this universe, but as the site says, this theory is probably not most possible ending, but it could happen even if it doesn’t happen in this film–it would seem that DC Comics is working their way up to creating a gritty “Justice League” film, and JGL’s character could have a role in that as a superhero.

To read more about this and other theories, go to Unleash the Fanboy. “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out July 20.

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By Monique Jones

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