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The Dark Knight Rises Will Not Be Screened At Comic Con


The Dark Knight Rises Will Not Be Screened At Comic Con

The fact that I have to write an article about “The Dark Knight Rises” not being at the San Diego Comic Con after writing about the rumor that it would be at the Comic Con highlights one of the things I actually hate about movie hype–everything can get blown out of proportion to the point people are making unfounded rumors.

Anyway, to write more about what I’m ranting on, according to HitFix, “The Dark Knight Rises” will not, I repeat, will not be screening at Comic Con this year. I would think that it wouldn’t, because after all of this secrecy, why blow it all on one weekend with just what could be considered a handful of people (relative to the hundreds of thousands of people that will screen the film once it opens in theaters July 20). HitFix editor Drew McWeeny wrote more on this reason and other aspects concerning the now-defunct rumor. Make sure to click here to read the entire article.

“The Dark Knight Rises” stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, who must put on the cowl once again to become Batman and save Gotham from the likes of Bane (Tom Hardy) while trying to figure out the motives of Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway).

Dark Knight Rises Comic-Con Screening

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