The appropriately named band, Caught A Ghost, has debuted the music video for their haunting cover of the Sam Cooke classic, “You Send Me”. The low-register vocals accompanied by the over-amplified and hypersensitive instrumental sounds bring the 50s tune into an entirely different realm of music. The adaptability of the song proves just how resilient music of the past can be since it is already stripped down to just vocals and instrumentals. Will auto-tune songs be able to be as persistent in the music industry? Only time will tell, but for now, let’s focus on the band who re-introduced us to the legendary, Sam Cooke.

Caught A Ghost is a new project from Los Angeles songwriter and producer, Jesse Nolan. Featuring Stephen Nolan (drums) and Tessa Thompson (vocals, percussions), the outfit captures the essence of indie rock, blue-eyed soul and the currently “hype” electronica sound. Caught A Ghost’s first release “”Sleeping at Night” exposes an utterly different vibe from “You Send Me”, which only strengthens the band’s overall presence to take a liking to various genres, avoiding the single typecasting of the band’s sound.

With plans to release a debut EP later this year, Caught A Ghost will be taking a May residency at the LA venue, The Satellite, formerly known as Spaceland.

Head on over to the band’s official site, to download “You Send Me” for free and to hear the latest on Caught A Ghost.

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