For a large part of 2011, The Pretty Reckless broke free from the pack of emerging artists. Unfortunately, most of these upcoming artists channel their creativity through resurrecting the sounds established by bands that will forever be remembered as originators of a genre. While it is flattering for those predecessors, it will be difficult for the successors to be considered as independent talents. So, those in the pack of emerging artists take note of Cherri Bomb, whose beautifully naïve presence separates them from becoming wannabe artists.

Yes, in the past Shockya compared Cherri Bomb to The Runaways, but their similarities mostly have to do with the age, gender and rebelliousness of the members. The Cherri Bomb sound is current, relatable to teenagers and simply, fun.

Check out the latest episode from the outfit’s video series entitled, “Teenage Rock Diaries” to get to the all girl band a bit better. The new clip focuses on bassist, Rena and her adventures with Cherri Bomb at this year’s Soundwave festival in Australia. She discusses meeting her childhood idol Marilyn Manson, serenading Gavin Rossdale and being in a band with her sister, drummer Nia.

You can get a free download of the band’s new track, “Too Many Faces”, which will appear on their debut album, “This Is The End of Control”, which will drop on May 15th via Hollywood Records. For more information on Cherri Bomb and to download the song, head on over to the band’s official site.

Cherri Bomb

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