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DVD Review: Seven Below


DVD Review: Seven Below

Title: 7 Below

Directed by: Kevin Carraway

Starring: Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames and Luke Goss

Running time: 90/minutes, Rated R

A group of strangers get stuck in a small town during a storm, and are lured to a house where a family was murdered by a young boy over 100 years ago. They discover they’re all apart of a time loop where the murders are constantly repeating.

I am a big Val Kilmer fan and I was beyond disappointed in this crappy little forgettable film. The writing was terrible, the score was horrible and the acting was a cruel joke.  He can’t be hurting for work, and if he is, someone please help him out; he’s better than this. He was hardly in the film, and the scenes he was in, his voice was barely audible.  His character so beneath someone of his caliber, it could’ve been played by anyone. They needed a name to sell this film and unfortunately Kilmer is now apart of this film forever.  Ving Rhames had a much better part and did the best he could with the material, however the dialogue was god-awful, almost as if it were written on the spot by a slew of grade-schoolers.

There are no special features, other than the trailer.

The story itself has been done before, and therefore the “twist” ending was totally predictable. The special effects were minimal and pretty lame to say the least.  I’m hoping that Rhames and Kilmer did this film as a favor to a friend, and with that, I hope that they can now call it even.

Total Rating: F

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Seven Below

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