With Rihanna’s ego inflating by the second, the music world should make room for another Bahamas native, Angelique Sabrina. Just beginning to break into the industry, Angelique is luckily not in reach of becoming a diva anytime soon. One Rihanna is more than enough right now, especially when Rihanna’s badass “Battleship” persona is outshining her talent.

Angelique’s debut video, “Pull Up”, premiered on MTV.com’s Buzzworthy Blog. Lyrically the song is immensely catchy with its two-word anthem. The tempo of the track isn’t overwhelmingly produced with far too many synthesized beats. It feels organically tropical, which will have listeners “dancing” along rather than fist pumping to it. Shot in Los Angeles and directed by Skee TV (The Game, T. Pain) and Fernando Cordero of Industrial Films (Mr. Big), “Pull Up” features Angelique’s own dance moves, which she has coined as the “pull up”. These moves are as unforgettable and doable as Lil Mama’s in “Lip Gloss”.

Prepare for your jaws to drop because Angelique is only 14 years old. Young, but well-seasoned in her career, she is the winner of Sydney, Australia’s top 4 Rising Star Countdown and has garnered the attention of Grammy-award winner, Rockwilder, whose credits include Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child.

A musician, singer, songwriter, dancer and actor, Angelique puts to shame the triple threat artists in the entertainment industry. Her name maybe unfamiliar to you now, but as with most upcoming artists, time is of the essence. By the end of the summer, you will be doing your “pull up” and wondering whatever happened to Rihanna. Well maybe not that latter part, but you get the point just how talented Angelique is.

For all news on Angelique Sabrina, head on over to her official site.

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