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Giuliana Rancic And Andy Cohen Talk Miss USA


Giuliana Rancic And Andy Cohen Talk Miss USA

E! reality star, “E! News” host and “Fashion Police” commentator Giuliana Rancic and Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen have a big, but fun, job ahead of them as the hosts of The 61st Annual Miss USA Pageant.

Rancic and Cohen, who hosted the pageant last year, absolutely love their roles as pageant hosts. “We both love pageants,” said Rancic. You could tell watching the show that we were having a blast.”

Not only do they love pageants (which Cohen calls “the gay Olympics”), but they also have fun with each other. “We’re like dating,” said Cohen. “W’ere like the couple who’s really into each other, except we’re not going to go all the way with each other at the end of the night.”

Rancic, a fan of Cohen’s before meeting him, said, “He was everything I expected. We adore working with each other. Andy’s the best. I’m part of his fanclub.”

Their exuberance also comes from how they interact with the contestants. “I treat them just like any Housewife, anyone that I’m welcoming into the Clubhouse,” said Cohen.

“I treat them like they’re Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep,” said Rancic. “This is there moment. I want them to feel like we are so excited for them, and we are.”

One reason to watch the pageant, said Rancic, is for the unscripted element of the show. “Anything can happen,” she said, also mentioning a wardrobe malfunction she had last year (one of two, according to Cohen).

The 61st Annual Miss USA Pageant, which includes “Jonas Brothers”‘s Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian, “Fashion Police”‘s George Kotsiopoulos and “First Look”‘s Ali Fedotowsky airs live from Las Vegas June 3 at 9/8c on NBC.

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