FilmOn.TV has debuted the first streaming television app on Facebook. The app, called “FilmOn Live TV,” which streams 150 HD live television channels directly to your Facebook page. The app also allows you to chat with your friends while sharing live television, all through Facebook.

“FilmOn.TV is excited to provide users with the ability to watch their favorite TV channels without leaving Facebook,” said Alki David, billionaire founder and CEO of FilmOn.TV. “The FilmOn.TV API, FilmOn Live TV, shares with billions of Facebook members what thousands of current FilmOn.TV subscribers already know-that streaming live TV and movies are available online and through their mobile device, for very low monthly subscriber rates, eliminating the need for traditional cable TV.”

You can download the app by going to

FilmOnTV is the first live streaming internet platform hosting exclusive content with many of your favorite controversial celebrities including weekly shows hosted by Andy Dick, Mike “the Situation”, Kato Kaelin, Janice Dickinson and more. Along with original content, FilmOn.TV also offers a host of new original channels which are exclusive to FilmOn including football, music, movies, history, special interest and kids as well as a video on demand service where you can select a whole range of titles covering all genres. In fact, subscribers have access to 10,000 streaming movies every month. FilmOn.TV streams videos in high definition and utilizes proprietary video compression technology to achieve high quality even over basic broadband connections.

Subscriptions to FilmOn.TV begin at 11.95/month or 129.50/year. The FilmOn.TV Web cable television service is delivered through the freely downloadable multi-platform HDi player or in Flash or app free to mobile devices. A yearly subscription will also provide you with the FilmOn.TV “AIR Device” free. This device has made history in the industry as the first digital over-the-air TV tuner combining IPTV channels. The “AIR Device” gives any computer access to live broadcast TV as well as FilmOn.TV’s original content. Another revolutionary technology brought to you by FilmOn.TV Networks.

FilmOn also includes FilmOn.TV Mobile, which allows your phone to work seamlessly with FilmOn.TV’s proprietary encrypted service, streaming live TV over a basic 3G connection to your iPhone or Android device.

FilmOn TV, Inc., the US division of FilmOn, has already already closed a deal with FTTH Communications, a Minneapolis Cable Provider. The division is now going market to market licensing its content and technical platform to cable companies, TELCOs and MSOs in order to provide a complete linear “TV everywhere” service.

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By Monique Jones

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