With the anticipated release of Christopher Nolan’s superhero film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ approaching next month, the director, producer and screenwriter has confirmed that he won’t be making any more movies in the series, Indiewire is reporting. While at the Produced By Conference this weekend, Nolan gave a simple no when asked if he would be making a third sequel in his esteemed franchise.

Nolan added that he won’t return to Gotham City “mainly, because I’m superstitious, but I said to my brother (and occasional writing partner, Jonah Nolan) that I didn’t want to save anything. We’re never on a specific trajectory, but I always viewed Bruce Wayne’s story in three parts.” He added that you learn so much from the audience. “You don’t know what you’ve made until you’ve put it out there,” he said.

Nolan’s confirmation comes after his previous claims that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was going to be his last Batman film. The advertising for the movie even said “The Epic Conclusion” to his trilogy. But rumors of another installment started again when star Christian Bale was asked by the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone if he’d be interested in returning as Batman for a fourth film. The actor said “no, this is the last of this Batman era. Unless Nolan wants to do another.”

Written by: Karen Benardello

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By Karen Benardello

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