D.C. Douglas met with the Twitter team who helped with his online petition to get him a role on ‘The Walking Dead’ on Thursday night in Los Angeles. The voice over actor was inspired and flattered that his fan, Nathan Narain, started the petition and turned it into a charity event. He offered a dollar per signature, up to $1,000, to donate to one of five charities his fans voted on.

The petition, which began on June 4, garnered over 1,500 signatures. Douglas, who is most known for voicing Legion in ‘Mass Effect’ 2 and 3, donated $200 to each charity. His fans voted for the all of the above option, donating the money to Animal Welfare Institute, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Goodwill Industries International, Sierra Club Foundation and Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

While Narain started the petition, several of Douglas’ fans came up with the dinner plan. After gathering Tweeters to help promote the petition, Douglas met with the Twitter team at the Rivera Restaurant in Douwntown LA after E3 closed.

While Douglas wrote on his blog, My Voice Over Guy, that he’s shy and was initially nervous about meeting nine strangers, he became more comfortable as the night continued. He signed DVDs, drawings and books for the Resident Evil fans gathered at the dinner.

Douglas said when his friends asked why he went along with the petition, he answered that he thinks it’s doubtful that it will help him in getting the job on ‘The Walking Dead.’ But he never sets money aside to donate to charity, and he wanted to give back to the community. He also wanted to raise awareness about the charities.

Check out the video and pictures from the dinner below, as well as the fans’ petitions to get Douglas on ‘The Walking Dead.’

DC Douglas Fan Isabel Charity

DC Douglas Luciano Charity

Written by: Karen Benardello

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By Karen Benardello

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