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Andrew Garfield Honored At Worldwide Orphans Foundation Salon Event


Andrew Garfield Honored At Worldwide Orphans Foundation Salon Event

Andrew Garfield is playing a superhero in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” but he’s also being honored for some very heroic actions by the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO).

The foundation and WWWO’s founder and CEO Dr. Jane Aronson honored Garfield as WWO Sports Ambassador, and as such, Garfield will work with the children of deprived areas and use sports to help children physically and emotionally enrich themselves as well as learn life skills. Garfield’s “Spider-Man” cast member, Emma Stone, was also in attendance.

Garfield has traveled with Aronson to Haiti and Ethiopia, and was able to see firsthand how children were losing their rights to live productive lives. Aronson said her work with Garfield is “an opportunity to show young people how service can enrich their lives.”

In the picture below, Garfield is shown wearing blue glasses made out of pipe cleaners in recognition of WWO’s Blue Glasses Campaign. Aaronson, who wears blue glasses in honor of her work, started the campaign when she visited WWO’s summer camp in Ethiopia. While the children were making art from pipe cleaners, one child came up to Aronson, having made a pair of blue pipe-cleaner glasses in honor of Aronson. Soon, all the other children were making glasses. For WWO, the blue glasses represent seeing the world through the eyes of an orphan.

You can take a look at this and other pictures below the post. Congratulations, Garfield!

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