Title: Midnight Son

Directed by: Scott Leberect

Starring: Zak Kilberg, Maya Parish, Jo D. Jonz, Larry Cedar and Tracey Walter

Running time: 92/minutes, Unrated

Special Features: Commentary by director Scott Leberect and stars Zak Kilberg, Maya Parish and Jo D. Jonz, Deleted Scenes, Interviews with Cast & Crew, Trailer

Jacob suffers from a disorder where he is hypersensitive to the sun and can only venture into the world at night. He has a job as a security guard and has become a talented artist with his sunscape paintings.  He visits a doctor after an intense fainting spell along with insatiable hunger, who suggests he may be anemic. Jacob finds that blood curbs his hunger so that he can finally thrive physically and socially.  He meets a bartender named Mary, who has a penchant for cocaine.  She gets a case of “rusty pipes” and Jacob discovers that fresh blood is something he desperately needs.  He soon meets a hospital orderly named Marcus who can get Jacob what he needs, but at a price.

I thought this film was fairly clever, had some interesting characters and kept me engaged throughout the entirety of this low budget dramatic horror.  A lot of vampire movies are becoming too campy and are total bastardization/abominations of the vampire lore,  and I enjoyed how writer/director Scott Leberect brought some realism to this genre.

Midnight Son is on a different level of horror films. It’s more personal rather than a studio regurgitation of a vampire themed flick.  I would highly recommend watching it in a vampire marathon along with similarly morose vampire films like Nadja or Near Dark.

The only thing I found wrong with the film is the character name Jacob. That name is forever attached to that horrible series of films and books that I refuse to mention in this review. I’m sorry if I offend those who are named Jacob or anyone naming their child Jacob, but the name should be retired; it especially no longer belongs in any film that has to do with vampires or werewolves.

Total rating: A

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Midnight Son

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