Title: The Dead Want Women

Directed by: Charles Band

Starring: Jessica Morris, Ariana Madix, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, Circus Szalewski, Robert Zachar, J. Scott, Nihilist Gelo and Eric Roberts

Special Features: Trailer & The Making of The Dead Want Women

The biggest female silent film star, Rose Pettigrew goes on a killing spree at one of her infamous parties when she discovers her test screening of her first “talkie” has bombed and the studios cancels her contract, and she then takes her own life in a dramatic flourish.  In the present day, Pettigrew’s home finally finds a buyer at the glee of two hot realtors, Reese & Danni who eagerly prepare the dilapidated Hollywood mansion for the prospective owner.  As the night drags on, the two women are visited and harassed by the ghosts of dead celebrities who want to have a never-ending sex party like the old days.

It’s a Full Moon release, so yep, it’s like that. Charles Band is notorious for the sexually explicit scenes and nudity, along with some campy horror.  There were certain scenes where it seems as though they ran out of dialogue or the actors drew a blank when improvising, so there were a few uncomfortable silences. The concept is just gross to me.  Decaying dead people still want to bang and have no qualms about raping the living.

I really didn’t find anything I liked about this film, other than the explicit sex and nudity, and even that was too excessive for my taste.  I’m guessing as long as everybody had a good time making the film (per all the actors in the ‘Making Of’ featurette) is more important than the finished product.

Total Rating: D

Reviewed by: JM Willis

The Dead Want Women

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