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Interview: Union Square Stars Mira Sorvino And Tammy Blanchard


Interview: Union Square Stars Mira Sorvino And Tammy Blanchard

Anyone with a sibling knows that you can’t always agree. The situation between Tammy Blanchard and Mira Sorvino’s characters in the upcoming release Union Square, however, is a bit extreme.

Sorvino is Lucy, the free-spirited and spontaneous sister who has no problem melting down in the middle of Union Square over her relationship woes. Blanchard’s Jenny, on the other hand, lives in a pristine apartment where she runs an organic food company with her fiancé. When Lucy shows up at Jenny’s door unannounced, Jenny reluctantly lets her in after which Lucy proceeds to set up camp, invading Jenny’s living room and life.

On top of managing Lucy and Jenny’s complicated relationship, Sorvino, Blanchard and the crew of Union Square also endured the challenge of making a feature film on a very tight schedule and budget. From shooting on the Canon 5D to using a producer’s home as the main location, making Union Square was a very unique process and in honor of the film’s July 13th release, Blanchard and Sorvino took the time to sit down and run through it all.

By Perri Nemiroff

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