has found the production schedule for “Iron Man 3,” and we can tell you that the film, going under the code name “Caged,” is going to be fiery.

According to the site, the production schedule includes the standard information, including the fact that filming in Rose Hill, North Carolina, will begin July 16 and will continue through August. The biggest surprise is that during the filming in Rose Hill, pyrotechnics will be used heavily. According to the activities section of the schedule, “Our filming in Rose Hill involves controlled pyrotechnic devices and special effects which will be cleared by the Rose Hill Fire and Police Departments in advance. They include small explosions, controlled fires, gunfire, atmospheric smoke as well as stunt activity.”

The section goes on to state that even though “Iron Man 3” will be filming overnight, people involved in the film will not hear gunfire throughout the night. There will also be fake snow used in the area.

So, the film will be set during the winter, and we will have tons of explosions! This could become the biggest “Iron Man” film yet.

You can read more about the schedule at What do you think about this news? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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By Monique Jones

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