12:25 – And that’s a wrap on the last “Twilight” press conference of San Diego Comic Con ever … or is it?

12:23 – Last question – is there a particular memory you’ll always have with you? Mackenzie chimes in with “the entire thing.” Stephenie goes with finishing the wedding shoot and sitting with everyone in the Cullen’s garage and just enjoying being together. Kristen says, “It’s hard to pick the one moment,” but says shooting the wedding was a special time. Taylor remembers telling himself to start soaking everything up as the end approached. Rob was thinking more along the lines of pranks, like “when Peter stole the bike.” On a more serious note, he adds, he was shocked to find himself in Brazil on a boat. “That was pretty symbolic of the kind of crazy journey.”

12:18 – Someone asks Stephenie about the host. She describes “The Host” as a palate cleanser. “There’s nothing coming out soon in that series book-wise,” but she’s really excited about the movie.

12:15 – Are we going to get some vampire sex scenes? Kristen laughs, “The ratings, man, it’s a tricky thing.” She continues, “We’re supposed to have mind boggling, otherworldly sex in ‘Breaking Dawn 1.'” She stops to throw in a “this is weird,” but points out that nothing about the series is “raunchy” and oops – a little curse slips in when one of the guys taunts her as she struggles to answer.

Twilight Press Conference 8

12:14 – Is the label of being from “Twilight” a burden? “It’s the hugest compliment,” Stewart starts. “It’s thrown me into the greatest position.”

12:12 – After doing all of these films do you have a better insight on what makes this a phenomenon? Stephenie says she doesn’t. “All the credit does go back to the books,” Taylor points out. “We’re extremely honored to be in this situation, to bring this to life.” He notes that it’s the characters and the books that the fans fell in love with. That’s where it all began. Kristen chimes in to highlight that the ability to have something to share with friends makes it particularly special.

12:11: “I have really bad luck with my thumbs,” Kristen notes. She remembers hurting herself at the beginning of all their action sequences, “So any grimace you see is probably real.” Physically, everything is different in this movie for Bella. “I got to see everyone else’s version of their vampires,” and she got to pick and chose which attributes to give to Bella.

12:09: What does the film add to complement the books? Stephenie says Bill is great at making you feel the human relationships. Kristen adds, “I hope it doesn’t sound really arrogant, but we do really cool things with the ending.” She explains she was nervous because Bella’s human elements were always so deeply rooted in the core of the movie, but Bill helped make the transition to vampire Bella. She also notes that the ending of the new movie is very emotional. She’s seen it four times and cried each time.

Twilight Press Conference 7

12:07 – Someone asks Rob to compare his first Comic Con to now. He remembers never having experienced a crowd that large, but that he got used to it surprisingly quickly.

12:03 – Here comes the reboot question. What are your thoughts on that? Rob says, “I think it would be amazing.” Kristen says, “The reason turning that last page is what it is is because you know it’s done.” She adds, “By the end of the movie it’s so abundantly satisfying” that it feels like it should come to an end. But then she adds that if there was this reboot, she’s into it! Stephenie says, “This is what is loved and it wouldn’t be the same.” She says, “It would be hard.” She continues, “Bella’s story is told.” It’s final. Rob pitches her an idea – Bella and Edward get divorced and have a “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” thing.

12:02 – Of the similarities between Rob and Edward, Rob explains, “After you’ve done three movies, there’s an instinctive understanding,” and you don’t know where you end and the character begins.

Twilight Press Conference 6

12:01 – Of becoming a powerful vampire, Kristen explains, “It’s like feeling like, ‘Wow. I am a sports star!'”

11:59 – Do you remember your first impressions of each other? Stephenie calls it “memorable” because they were coming from a shoot in costume and it was like meeting her imaginary friends. “It was really really cool.” Kristen says of Rob, “I liked his pants.” Of Taylor, she says he was just a kid when they first met. “Sometimes you meet people and think, ‘We should make stuff together.'” That’s what she had with both of them.

11:58 – How have you changed since this all started? Kristen starts, “I think you start a project to finish it.” She adds, “That’s the only way it ever feels good and right and true.”

11:57 – Of the franchise, Kristen notes, “It’s something I’ll always have.”

11:56 – Is this the movie where Edward and Jacob become friends? “I think it is a little bit different, the relationship between all three of us,” Taylor explains. Kristen describes the relationship as being “simple.”

Twilight Press Conference 5

11:55 – Gearing up for round two. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy are just sitting down. Stephenie Meyer is in the house, too!

11:48 – That’s a wrap on press conference one. The big three and a certain little newcomer are up next!

11:45 – Last question – are you fans of anything like some are fans of “Twilight?” Jackson notes he’s a big Rolling Stones fan. “I would probably camp out for days just to see The Stones perform.” Elizabeth calls Juliette Binoche and Jack White her “freaky obsessions.” Peter remembers being in line for a Superman movie and noting how incredible it is that people will do that for a film.

11:43 – Where do you expect to be in 10 years? Jackson says, “It’s just been an amazing experience,” and “it’s just cherishing the moment and living in the present and in the future, who knows?” Elizabeth jokes that she just hopes everyone is healthy and nobody ends up on “Celebrity Rehab.”

Twilight Press Conference 4

11:41 – There’s a question about a dance-off. “That took real commitment,” Nikki recalls. There was rehearsal to learn the choreography. Elizabeth remembers, “Michael Sheen was doing these really hardcore, dramatic moves.”

11:40 – Are you nostalgic for anything from shooting? Peter says he misses the woods. He jokes he puts his contact lenses in sometimes, too. Ashley misses “knowing exactly who your character is.” She describes that as feeling protected in a way you don’t when starting a brand new film. “That was kind of a nice comfort to have,” Peter piggybacks. “There was a comfort knowing that you know this person.”

11:38 – Nikki tells about how Catherine Hardwicke originally casted them based on who they were, not how they looked.

11:36 – Kellan gets a laugh after saying, “I know Emmet doesn’t have the most lines, but he’s such an influential character.” Nikki jokes, “I smile in this last movie, which is a big deal for me.” She says she waited a long time for “Eclipse” to come around and then “Breaking Dawn” so we could finally see the other side to Rosalie.

Twilight Press Conference 3

11:33 – Jackson gets a laugh when he likens early Jasper to a heroine junky, but points out that as the films progress, he gets much more comfortable with the vampire lifestyle. Elizabeth notes that the movies have forced her character into a lifestyle she never imagined for herself as a dedicated pacifist who becomes a powerhouse. “She’s had to betray her own sense of self to protect her family.” Peter jokes about going from dying his hair blond to wearing wigs instead.

11:31 – What did Bill Condon bring to the franchise? Jackson explains, “Whenever you’re working with a director, you find that the energy from the director trickles down to the rest of the set.” Peter chimes in, “He never raised his voice once,” and adds that even when he’s pressed for time, Bill will still take the time to sit with an actor and discuss their scene. Elizabeth jumps in as well, “He’s really passionate. He’s taken these stories to another level.”

11:30 – What’s going to shock fans this time around? Elizabeth hasn’t seen the film yet, but says, “There’s some stuff with Peter and I, I can’t say, that’s scary and heightened.” Jackson adds, “A lot more vampires this time around.”

Twilight Press Conference 2

11:29 – Nikki notes that the interaction with the fans feels different this year. “Because this was the last one, there’s a different kind of appreciation on both ends.” Nikki even notes that she’s gotten to know the fans over the years and being able to spot when a longtime fan has gotten a haircut.

11:27 – During the first film, when they were stilling getting to know each other, Peter recalls, “We spent a lot of time together and I remember going to that indoor warehouse thing and we played baseball.”

11:25 – What film was your favorite of the franchise? Elizabeth prefers the first. Peter explains how it was tough to shoot the Cullen family scenes because even though there were just a few lines, having so many people in the room made it tough to shoot.

11:24 – Kellan is talking about a fight scene with Bella. “I’ve been looking forward to shooting that scene since day one.”

Twilight Press Conference

11:23 – How’d they celebrate the end of filming? Elizabeth recalls not knowing when it was actually going to end because of all the second unit material. When they told her and Peter they were wrapped, they were stunned.

11:22 – First question is about the props that they’ve taken home from the set. Ashley took the Alice Cullen necklace.

11:20 – Here we go! In comes the Cullen clan – Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone.

Good morning, Shockya readers! We’re broadcasting (somewhat) live from the Hilton Bayfront where the stars of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” are just about to take the stage for the press conference. Internet is a little wonky in here so things might cut in and out, but be sure to keep refreshing your page for the latest as we can post it.

By Perri Nemiroff

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