Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s collectible art boutique Mondo has released their second poster for Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” This time, the artist commissioned is world-renowned artist Olly Moss.

The 24′ x 36′ variant version of the poster was on sale Saturday at Comic-Con, but if you couldn’t make it to the event, you can still get your hands on the regular version of the poster.

For the first time in Mondo’s history, prints of the regular edition of Moss’ poster will be available for a full 24 hours Wednesday, July 18, starting at 12:01 am CT. The total number of people that buy the print will be what sets the final edition number. The poster will be priced at $40.

Also, a random purchacers of the timed-edition will get a pecial “Golden Ticket.” That ticket will allow the winner to receive a commissioned print with the subject of their choice straight from Moss.

“We’ve listened to feedback about making prints available to everyone who wants one, and we’re excited to be able to offer this one time chance with something as highly coveted as an Olly Moss print for Batman,” said Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael. “While we won’t change the collectible status of Mondo posters, this timed release is something we’d like to offer as a unique and rare opportunity for any fan to own a Mondo print.”

Make sure to follow @MondoNews for more details on this and other posters. You can also check out Moss’ “The Dark Knight Rises” poster below the post.

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