Batman is a pretty cool – and a pretty rich – guy. He glides around Gotham City in his fancy, high-tech suit, he drives and flies in his super advanced vehicles, and he chills at his luxurious pad with Alfred on hand to wait on him hand and foot. In the comic books and movies, Batman seems to be able to easily finance his extravagant life because of his business sense. But, if you’ve ever wanted to put a realistic value on the amount of money it would really take to pay for all of Batman’s gadgets, Money Supermarket has done just that with their infographic, “The Cost of Being Batman.”

The infographic (featured below) shows the specific costs of all of Batman’s armor, weaponry, training, and even how much it costs to have Alfred as butler/manager of the Wayne estate. If you ever thought you could be the Dark Knight, this infographic will make you think again. In short, it would take over $600 million to do what Bruce Wayne does.

Since most of us don’t have that kind of money, we can still watch the Dark Knight in action on the big screen. “The Dark Knight Rises” is in theaters now – check it out to see all of Batman’s expensive toys.

Image source: MoneySupermarket;

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By Monique Jones

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