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CBS And NBC Join Fox In Filing Suits Against


CBS And NBC Join Fox In Filing Suits Against

Deadline is keeping up with the drama, writing that NBC and CBS have also filed a joint copyright infringement claim coupled with Fox’s suit. The suits are aimed at stopping, owned by FilmOn’s Alki David, due to the site’s nature–streaming the networks for free after subscribing.

David has said that Louis Briskman, the chief legal counsel at CBS, responded to by saying that he “is worried that streaming Network Television online ‘is not a real business!’”

“If that is Louis’ response, it makes me wonder why the Networks have been so adamant to shut FilmOn down for so long! We have jointly spent many Millions of Dollars fighting each other in this turf war,” David said. “Perhaps it was CBS’s recent loss in court over their alleged copyright infringement from the distribution of file sharing applications like Limewire and Bittorrent.”

David goes on to defend FilmOn and BarryDriller. “Considering that FilmOn has over 250,000 unique visitors across our entire network, that only 2,690 clicked through to Barry Driller and another 652 visited from the press articles it is little wonder why Louis Briskman said he thinks that network TV online is not a business. People are more interested in Bikini TV than CBS Fox NBC and ABC combined!”

Stay tuned for more developments.

CEO Alki David Using

CEO Alki David Using

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