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Sunflower Dead Releases “Starting Over Again”


Sunflower Dead Releases “Starting Over Again”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This lesson wavers in its effectiveness throughout a lifetime often due to a person’s tendency to apply it when it’s convenient. Those times when you prejudge, you can miss out on an experience, whether it be a good or bad one. In the case of Sunflower Dead, clicking next on their new track, “Starting Over Again”, would be an unfortunate move to make.

Don’t be intimidated by the quintet because of the ominous word “Dead” in the band name or because of their tough exterior. Yes, Sunflower Dead can be categorized as a metal/rock band, but this outfit’s vocal range is dramatically layered and their overall sound possesses qualities unheard of before.

Sunflower Dead’s recently released track, “Starting Over Again”, premiered on and celebrates the band’s upcoming self-titled release, which drops on August 21, 2012. The hauntingly theatrical song showcases emphatic vocals blended with a powerfully lingering undertone of the instrumentals. “Starting Over Again” is an explosive hit for the group, touching the corners of several genres.

You can celebrate the release of their debut with Sunflower Dead. The band is throwing an invite-only CD release party at Harvelle’s in Long Beach, CA on August 17, 2012. To be guest listed, you must submit your name and email information at the band’s official site. While on the site, you can also pre-order their debut album directly from their store.

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