Can’t wait for “The Tall Man” to hit select theaters on August 31st? Check out the film’s new motion poster!

Jessica Biel (“Total Recall,” “The A-Team”) stars in the summer mystery-thriller, “The Tall Man.” “The Tall Man” is set in Cold Rock, a spooky old mining town whose luster faded long ago since the town’s mine closed. The town is surrounded with the legend of the Tall Man, a seemingly mythical figure who has abducted countless children in the town. Biel plays Julia Denning, the town nurse and a skeptic of the Tall Man legend. That is, until her son, David, is abducted. Julia must discover the truth behind the legend as she fights to save her missing son and, perhaps, solve the mystery behind the series of child abductions the town has endured in the past.

“The Tall Man” is directed and written by Pascal Laugier (“Martyrs,” “House of Voices”), French mystery and thriller film director. Also starring in the film are Jodelle Ferland (“ParaNorman,” “The Twilight Saga”), Stephen McHattie (“300,” “Watchmen”, “The Fountain”), and Jacob Davies (“Once Upon a Time,” “Supernatural,” “Fringe”). With an original score by Todd Bryanton and with Jessica Biel in her debut as an executive producer (according to IMDB), “The Tall Man” is sure to take audiences on a thrilling, heart-wrenching, tall-tale of a ride this August.

Motion poster:

By Monique Jones

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