Veteran actor Tom Hanks has decided to take the plunge into the ongoing mysterious assassination of John F. Kennedy. Hank has announced his plans to produce a new indie drama entitled ‘Parkland’ that refers to the Memorial Hospital where the iconic U.S. president died after sustaining gunshot wounds. The historical pic is set to be produced by Hanks and his partner Gary Goetzman. Together the two will bring the drama to life as it tells the days events of November 22, 1963, the day Kennedy was assassinated, from the angle of several different people that includes Jackie Kennedy, an FBI agent, a reporter, a doctor, and the Kennedy staff members.

‘Parkland’ will be directed by Peter Landesman in what will be the writer’s debut taking on a big screen production. The Playtone Production has yet to reveal a target release date with casting news sure to be on the way. Aside from the JFK film, Hanks is also busy working on several new acting projects. He is attached to the much talked about ‘Cloud Atlas’, ‘Captain Phillips’ with director Paul Greengrass, the 2014 drama ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ in the role of Walt Disney, ‘The Lost Symbol’ and the animated children’s movie ‘Toy Story 4’.

JFK John F. Kennedy Jr.

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