How you doin? Do you love Wendy Williams? If so, you’re in for some great new improvements with the show’s next season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the popular show will come back better than ever on September 10th. The show will be shown in HD and the format has a few new (and extended) segments.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the show even has a new set design which was overseen by the show’s set designer Mark Sloan, with input from Williams and others. The new set will feature Williams’ signature colors, pink and purple.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Williams said “People will recognize the set from last season, but this season it will be enhanced.” The studio is also a little bit bigger, giving Williams more room to spread her larger-than-life personality.

Another improvement is the extension of the “Hot Topics” segment. The segment used to run from 10-12 minutes, but will now be a whopping 18 minutes long. The show has also hired two talent producers for its fourth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. There is Stephanie Sacco to oversee the department, and all celebrity bookings with a focus on film and television, and Anthony Lopez, who will handle music, celebrity author, comedy and Broadway bookings.

Catch “The Wendy Williams Show” this fall!

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By Monique Jones

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