If you’ve been looking for a film for your young children, you might want to take a look at “Reef 2: High Tide,” starring Busy Phillips, Frankie Jonas, Jamie Kennedy, Donal Logue, Drake Bell and Rob Schneider. The 3D-animated film, which will be exclusively sold in Walmart and available on Video On Demand August 28, involves steroid-fueled fish, love and something called “water fu”:

“The reef… a tropical paradise underwater. If it weren’t for the sharks! The meanest of them all, Troy, escapes a Navy research facility and returns to the reef pumped on steroids and rage. It’s been a year since Pi, a little fish with a big heart, defeated Troy in battle and now it’s time for revenge. Luckily for Pi, who now has a son with that pink dreamboat Cordelia, Troy and his shark gang arrive when the tide is low and the sharks are unable to enter the reef. A wild-eyed Troy swears he’ll be back… at high tide!

While Pi desperately tries to train the reef fishies in the art of water fu, a weird stranger shows up at the reef. Ronny is a goofy looking fish with the brains of a salesman. He’s also Troy’s reluctant spy, sent to keep an eye on Pi. Sabotaging the training is not enough. To distract the reef population from preparing for battle with the sharks, Ronny talks them into a ridiculous idea. The plan is to put on a variety show in order to attract humans who in turn will protect the reef. So while a motley school of excited fish start their rehearsals, a groveling Pi starts building a shark trap in a nearby grotto. But things don’t look too rosy for our dejected hero. Not only do his friends see a new role model in Ronny, also his mentor – the wise turtle Nerissa – refuses to call upon an ancient sea myth that could save the reef. Things hit an all time low when Ronny tricks the reef fish into destroying Pi’s shark trap and Cordelia gets snatched by Troy.

A remorseful Ronny comes to Pi to reveal his true intentions and Pi realizes he too made a mistake, never believing in the reef fish. Everybody can play a part – even Nerissa. While Pi and Ronny set out to free Cordelia, Nerissa swims off to summon an old friend. The waters have risen and it’s showtime at the reef! Pi’s son Junior even repaired his dad’s shark trap. Utilizing the skills they learned for the show, the reef residents hold off the sharks long enough for Nerissa to return, riding an awesome Sea Dragon! The sharks take flight and Pi lures Troy into his trap, sending him back onto a Navy research vessel. In the end the reef fish get to perform their show in a splashing victory party… and with their newest resident, Ronny.”

You can take a look at the trailer below. What do you think about this film? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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By Monique Jones

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