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DVD Review: Some Guy Who Kills People


DVD Review: Some Guy Who Kills People

Title: Some Guy Who Kills People

Directed by: Jack Perez

Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Bary Bostwick, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick, Ariel Gade and Lucy Davis

Running time: 97 min , Rated R

Special Features: Director, Writer/Producer Commentary, Short film “The Fifth”, Making-of Featurette, Trailer

Ken Boyd is a thirty-something guy who has a thankless job at an ice-cream parlour and still lives at home with his constantly disappointed mother. After being released from a mental institution, he is constantly haunted by the memory of being tortured by several members of his high school basketball team that left him somewhat introverted and anti-social.  Ken soon meets a girl, is reunited with his adolescent daughter and at the same time, a gruesome set of murders begin to plague his former attackers.

The title made me apprehensive, but I actually enjoyed this film.  It’s got a simple plot and some great comedic acting. The only negative I really had was the daughter character. Precocious child characters really irritate me because it’s fake.  Most kids aren’t like that in real life, they are just how adults fantasize how their children should behave in certain situations. Although I felt she didn’t go too far with the cute factor, and was likable enough to let my opinion of her character slide.

The special effects were okay. They opted to go for the prosthetics and fake heads covered in red goo which invokes the nostalgia of old slasher films; but it was mostly just to get a laugh.

I loved the casting. Karen Black, Barry Bostwick and Kevin Corrigan were hilarious, yet dark in their own right.  Leo Fitzpatrick is hardly recognizable, but I felt this was a refreshing twist role for him.

I would highly recommend getting this DVD for the extra short film “The Fifth,” which was the inspiration for the film. It’s more disturbing than Some Guy Who Kills People, but it’s also very funny.

Total Rating: B

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Some Guy Who Kills People

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