Title: Dead Season

Directed by: Adam Deyoe

Starring: James C. Burns, Scott Peat, Marissa Merrill and Corsica Wilson

Running time: 88 minutes, Unrated

Special Features: Filmmaker Commentary, The making of Dead Season, Deleted scenes, Outtakes and Trailer

Elvis and Tweeter are two survivors of a zombie apocalypse who find each other on their way to Florida. They obtain a boat with directions to an island that is said to be “walker free.” What they find on the island is a military styled society that may be just as dangerous as the walkers they are trying to escape…then they discover some walkers have the ability to “run.”

This is a low-budget film, but the story and characters are quite good.  The negatives I’ve read on the internet are by people who can’t spell or can’t get specific as to why they didn’t like the film.  How the hell are you supposed to act during a zombie apocalypse? Like any high stress situation, you make little jokes here and there to keep your sanity while constantly watching your back. This film is not going to win any Oscars, but I liked the realism and the mood of the story.

The commentary was actually enjoyable. It was filled with lots of trivial information about the production, but it was all very casual and funny.  There are several deleted scenes, but one in particular with the couple on their honeymoon was very random, but intriguing.

The acting  was mostly decent, however the expendable characters were on the bad acting spectrum; but then you didn’t really care that they died, just as long as they didn’t come back in zombie form…the some that did come back were quickly killed in pretty badass ways.  The special effects were adequate for low-budget and for the most part didn’t look cheap or cheesy. The ending was a little simple but morose. To summarize, Dead Season is a welcome addition to the dramatic-horror genre.

Total Rating: B

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Dead Season

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