It’s election time, and, thanks to the good folks at Comedy Central (specifically, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report”), it’s election satire time. Comedy Central has launched its satirical election coverage, “Indecision 2012,” and there’s no better source to tell about this particular programming than Comedy Central itself:

As America prepares to downgrade its status from Greatest Nation on Earth to Pretty Cool Nation Considering, only one question remains: who will make the speeches? This election season, let Comedy Central’s “Indecision 2012” be your leader through every twist and turn in what promises to be one election in American history.

Fresh off its ratings victory over Fox News, MSNBC and CNN during the Republican National Convention, comedy Central has released the first in a series of election campaign ads that will present the facts to all Americans as they struggle in the coming months with indecision over who to select to lead them through the hotly contested election season.

The first two campaign spots target Fox News and CNN posing the question to Americans about where they should turn to as their trusted source for news and analysis. Can they afford to rely on a network led by a native son of a British prison colony or another that claims to have magic on their side? Future spots in the series, which will be released throughout September and October, will target other equally questionable news sources and personalities.

Here are two videos from this year’s coverage:

By Monique Jones

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