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The Diamond Light Soar To The Top


The Diamond Light Soar To The Top

The start of fall means time to begin gathering your Top Ten Albums of 2012. Yes, this list can be extremely taxing to make since every minute of every day a new band can come across your radar. For example, take this minute on this September day, when The Diamond Light came jarringly into our sight. “This discovery” is unlike others in the past because The Diamond Light weren’t replaced by another band once the minute hand struck 12. The bluesy rock band is here to stay with the prospect of becoming top contenders on our list.

The Los Angeles based band consists of Griffin Young, vocalist and guitarist, Ian Ochs, drummer, Trevor Menear, guitarist and keyboardist and Brian Stanley, guitarist, bassist and vocalist. Throughout their career, the quartet has released two EPs, “Krotona” in 2009 and “Seeds in the Street” in 2010. In the coming fall, The Diamond Light will drop their debut full-length, which Joseph Holiday (“Seeds in the Street”) and Niko Bolas (Neil Young, My Morning Jacket) produced.

To become better acquainted with The Diamond Light, check out their cover of the Creedence Clearwater classic “Run Through The Jungle”. Shot inside a converted bus, the video positively outpours with soulful rock that can draw in the least “rugged” music fan, also known as those who prefer to cling to the clean/cut ways of radio pop music. The cover is instrumentally and vocally layered to such a depth that one click play through is simply not enough. Do you need more of an explanation on their sound? Well, just imagine if Jack White and The Black Keys had a child together.

The Diamond Light, you easily gained Shockya as a fan.

For more information on The Diamond Light, head on over to the band’s Facebook Page.

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