Independent film studio Freestyle Releasing has acquired the American theatrical rights to Exxodus Pictures’ supernatural thriller ‘Jinn.’ The film, which was written and directed by ‘It’s a Mismatch’ helmer and scribe Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, stars Ray Park, Faran Tahir, William Atherton, Serinda Swan and Dominic Rains. An official release date for the film is expected to be announced within the next several weeks.

The premise of the jinn concept involves supernatural entities and focuses on creation mythology. The legend states the three beings created were man of clay, angles of light and an entity made of fire. They’re powerful because of their existence in a parallel world, and have free will and can be both good and evil. The ancient mythological creatures have never been featured in American cinemas before.

‘Jinn’ has already generated early, positive buzz online. The teaser trailer and other related material to the thriller have already generated over 3.5 million combined hits.

Ahmad has said he and the Exxodus Pictures team “are very excited to be working with Freestyle Releasing on the film, especially with their experience and delivery model.” He added that Freestyle Releasing “understands the originality of the jinn concept and its franchise potential, and will definitely market the concept to North American movie going audiences while retaining its authenticity to people already familiar with the idea.”

‘Jinn’ is unique in the fact that the hero vehicle used in the film, known as the Firebreather, was designed by Ahmad. It’s the first car in motion picture history that’s available to the public for purchase. The car, which is a V8, 618 horsepower muscle vehicle, has 50 limited editions being produced as exact replicas of the one featured in the film. The car, which was designed by the Detroit-based Exxodus Pictures, honors the American automotive industry.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Freestyle Releasing Aquires American Theatrical Rights For Supernatural Thriller JINN

By Karen Benardello

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