Title: Alex Cross

Director: Rob Cohen

Cast: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Edward Burns, Carmen Ejogo, Rachel Nichols, Jean Reno, John C. McGinley, Giancarlo Esposito, Yara Shahidi, and Cicely Tyson

Creative force Tyler Perry is known for being a director, writer, actor, producer, and playwright but in his latest film he’s just merely an actor. In the film adaptation of James Patterson’s widely popular book series “Alex Cross” finds the media Mogul in the lead role and giving audiences a big surprise…. Perry can kick ass! It goes to show you how you can remove yourself from the roles you traditionally put yourself in and thrive. While being very broad, the film “Alex Cross” is a lot like the character Alex Cross, troubled, smart (at times), and overall has a sense of humor about itself.

“Alex Cross” is the story of a Detroit detective trying to solve the mystery of why prominent business tycoons are showing up dead in town. There’s a killer on the loose called Picasso (Matthew Fox), who is an artist and he’s willing to torture and disassemble people for his own enjoyment. Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is joined by his longtime partner Detective Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) as they try to solve this mystery only to find their personal lives get caught up in the killer’s wicked web. The mystery turns into a keen psychological game of cat and mouse between Cross and Picasso but then when Cross’ wife Maria (Carmen Ejogo) gets caught in the crossfire, Alex Cross goes rogue playing part cop and part “Punisher” to give his late wife some justice without losing his own humanity.

“Alex Cross” is pulpy and methodical but at times can come off as clichĂ©, and in that way the movie plays out exactly like a James Patterson novel you’ll find at an airport bookstore. It’s not the smartest thing in the world but it will tide you over as you fly to Milwaukee and that’s exactly the kind of tone, pacing and plot twists you should expect from a film like “Alex Cross.” Its richness comes from its excitement and pleasure so you can either immerse yourself into the cop story or be frustrated while the story unfolds.

“Alex Cross” is enjoyable and fun and is dead set at wanting to share that same kind of enjoyment with its audience. Director Rob Cohen (“The Fast and The Furious,” “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”) is perfectly capable to deliver a broad thrill ride for general audiences and Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox deliver enough excitement in every scene they share. Fox actually exudes this movie with every breath. His character is cartoonishly delightful as the cold and calculating villain. And Perry proves that his on-screen presence can translate into a kickass super cop hell bent on redemption and vengeance. “Alex Cross” is a fun ride but it’s a film you wouldn’t want to cross (out).

Technical: C+

Acting: C

Story: C-

Overall: C+


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By Rudie Obias

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