“Paranormal Activity 4” is coming to theaters soon, and the film is in the company of other found footage films that have thrilled and scared audiences. Here’s a small list of three found footage films that have succeeded in giving realistic frights.

“The Blair Witch Project”: Found footage found a stronghold with the 1999 breakout hit, “The Blair Witch Project.” This film had tons of people confused as to whether it was actual footage or a fictional film, and it

“The Last Exorcism”: 2010 audiences had “The Last Exorcism” to give them a up close and personal view of what it could be like to be in the same room with an exorcism. The film, starring Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell, Iris Bahr and Louis Herthum, tells the story of an evangelical minister who is giving up on his life’s work of exorcising. He decides to participate in a documentary to expose the fraud that is exorcising, only to come up against a real life possession.

“The Amityville Haunting”: The 2011 film inspired by 1977’s “The Amityville Horror” tells the story of a family who is terrorized in the famous haunted house. The tagline is “The family did not survive, but the recordings did.” If you want to be afraid of moving to a new home, this film will do it.

Which found footage film do you like the best? Write your opinions in the comments section below, and keep in mind that “Paranormal Activity 4” comes to theaters October 19.

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By Monique Jones

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