FilmOn.TV will be featured on Omniverse One World Television’s newest product, OmniBox. The product is aiming to launch in Radio Shack stores this November.

“We’re proud to be an additional platform to the powerful channel line-up of FilmOn in the United States and around the world,” said Jason DeMeo, CEO of Omniverse One World Television. Our viewers will have access to FilmOn’s 100’s of live TV channels and over 50 prominent music channels in over 20 genres. We believe here at Omniverse that we share similar synergies with FilmOn empowering the end users an alternative to traditional broadcast.”

Alki David spoke on FilmOn’s joint venture with Omniverse. “We really like the Omniverse opportunity at FilmOn, he said. “What we particularly love is the fantastic functionality and robustness of the Omniverse connected box. Unlike its competitors, this device gives you true flexibility in how you want to surf and allows content providers the ability to serve-up content in a number of engaging ways. Fantastic!”

According to the press release, the OmniBox allows broadcasters and content rights holders to make money on their content:

“The OmniBox empowers producers, content rights holders, syndicators, and broadcasters large and small to effectively monetize their content through a Multi-Media Platform which covers all 211 domestic and worldwide markets.
The OmniBox has unlimited channel capacity. It allows for very low broadcasting costs which transfer those savings to the company’s subscribers. OmniBox is built to allow the viewer to Watch what they want to – on the device they want to – whenever they want to.”

FilmOn is the world’s first and largest live TV delivery platform for the Internet offering over 260 premium live TV channels as well as interactive original programming, starring a lot of Hollywood’s most controversial celebrities.

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By Monique Jones

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