Title: V.R. Troopers

Starring: Michael Sorich, Mike Reynolds and Gardner Baldwin

Running time: 9 hours (26 episodes/3 discs), Rated TVY7

Special Features: None

Ryan, Kaitlin and J.B. are a trio of young adults who are given the ability to travel into virtual reality as superheroes, which was created by Ryan’s missing father to defend the world from the evil Grimlord.

Saban’s V.R. Troopers is a children’s action show which was shot in the style of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but with sh*ttier acting and the special effects were even more lame. This show looks like one of those cheesy Japanese flicks from the 70’s with some American actors cast for the out of costume story-lines. They threw in a talking dog to pander to the younger viewers for good measure. Luckily my little sister wasn’t into this show as much as MMPR so I wasn’t subjected to this suckfest.

I thought it was kind of interesting that Evil Industrialist Carl Ziktor didn’t need a computer to turn into Grimlord, just a crystal ball; so to basically infer that science and magic are one and the same.  I also thought it was pretty funny that Ziktor’s bodyguards looked like those chicks from those Robert Palmer videos before they turned into dudes in gold masks.  Check the bulges, they’re dudes.

I feel like I’m in that Chris Farley SNL bit when I say: Remember in the mid 90’s when virtual reality was popular and a bunch of shows and movies tried to cash in on it? (i.e. Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity, VR.5). The graphics were always better than the 16 bit real thing.

The DVD transfer of the show is bad quality; it’s quite grainy and blurred. Any of the actual 10 fans out there may be disappointed.

This volume 1 disc contains 26 episodes, but unfortunately I could only tolerate sitting through the first 5.  Yes I know it’s a kids show, but we can’t blame kids for liking this show, they didn’t know any better.

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Action: C

Special Effects: C

Acting: F

Writing: Meh

Total Rating: C-

VR Troopers Movie Review

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