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Heaven’s Basement Release Album Teasers


Heaven’s Basement Release Album Teasers

Thanks to the lack of filtering on the Internet, just about any band can release music. No matter how instrumentally and vocally talented that band may be, the well-seasoned listener knows “good” music needs to be complemented by other rarities in order for that band to achieve success. UK rockers, Heaven’s Basement, are an anomaly in the growing pool of web-friendly musicians. With their oxymoron-like name, Heaven’s Basement has a wildly infectious sound that is further amplified with their untamed appearance and daring music videos. You should think of Heaven’s Basement as rockers of the 90s, not those copouts of the 2000s.

The outfit is set to release their debut album, “Filthy Empire”, in early 2013 via Red Bull Records. Until the New Year, you can check out the band’s new ablum teasers, Part 1 and Part 2. These clips feature the album’s lead single, “Fire, Fire,”.

Heaven’s Basement also recently released official video for “Fire, Fire,” which combines images of war and destruction with the live performance clips of the band. The tune is now available for a free download on the band’s official Facebook Page.

So, open your arms wide for Heaven’s Basement because Shockya has a hunch these rockers will surpass the Internet curse.

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