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Dive Into The Depths of Rock With Makeshift Prodigy


Dive Into The Depths of Rock With Makeshift Prodigy

Living in an auto-tune society equates to forgiving singers and musicians for choppy music. While there are fans who enjoy listening to those unrefined tunes, hopefully, you, Shockya readers, diversify your playlists with vocally and instrumentally sleek songs. There can be no excuses made today for not spicing up those playlists because Makeshift Prodigy, is currently streaming their EP, “Illuminate”, on SoundCloud.

The alternative rock band’s debut EP consists of six tracks, which showcase the quintet’s skillful ways of marrying classic rock elements with contemporary ones. Nowadays with the help of technologically savvy producers, rock music can dive into areas that cross into other genres, which arguably revolutionizes rock.

Makeshift Prodigy modernized rock in a smooth fashion with “Illuminate”. The six track EP can be categorized as rock, but between each instrumental and vocal chord are notes of sub-genres, such as those of pop-rock, indie-rock and electro-rock. These genre shifts aren’t jarringly potent, rather magically reserved.

Comprised of an intro, “Chasing Daylight”, “Bittersweet Surrender”, “Perfect Mistake”, “Some Kind Of Miracle” and “A Way Out”, the outfit’s debut EP deserves an individualized attention for each track. So, take out 20 minutes of your day and click play on “Illuminate”.

For more on Makeshift Prodigy, head on over to their Facebook Page and official site.

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